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A Ruby-Spears Series
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Plastic Man


Original Channel
Original Run
9/27/1980 – 2/28/1981

Jack Cole (characters)
Joe Ruby
Ken Spears
Rudy Larriva
Manny Perez
Charles A. Nichols
John Kimball
Jerry Eisenberg
Executive Producer(s)
Joe Ruby
Ken Spears

Plastic Man (TV Show) was one segment of seven, featured on The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show. The different segments included Plastic Man, Baby Plas, Plastic Family, Mighty Man and Yukk, Fangface and Fangpuss, and Rickety Rocket.

Overview of 'Plastic Man' Segment

Plastic Man, his girlfriend Penny, and his Polynesian sidekick Hula-Hula travel the world for a secret government agency and are given their assignments from the unnamed Chief to stop any threat to the world. Plastic Man often retains his sense of humor even in dangerous situations, such as a giant octopus capturing Penny and Hula-Hula causing him to comment "What Scout troop did he belong to"? In early episodes Penny has a crush on Plastic Man, who chooses to ignore it as he himself has a crush on the dark-haired female Chief. However, in the second season Plastic Man reciprocates Penny's crush on him and the two marry. The marriage produces a son who has the same powers as Plastic Man and spawns a lighter series of episodes featuring "Baby Plas" doing things such as saving his friends from neighborhood bullies.


  V o i c e   A c t o r       R o l e
 Michael Bell     Plastic Man    
 Joe Baker     Hula-Hula
 Melendy Britt     The Chief 
 Clare Peck     Baby Plas
 John Stephenson     Narrator 

Introduction to Each Episode


The Plastic Man TV cartoon intro (1979)


Plastic Man

  1. The Weed - Plastic Man takes on the Weed, a walking sentient plant who plans to steal a top-secret government plant-growing compound that he will use to feed his man-eating plant as part of his world domination.
  2. Wham-Bam! Beware of the Clam! - A pirate-themed clam called Clam steals a water-controlling machine from the Chinese government so he can flood the streets and rob banks.
  3. The Horrible Half-Ape - While working on a secret government project, Professor Darwin's experiment goes very wrong. The mistake is costly as it leaves Professor Darwin (quite literally) half ape and half human. As Half-Ape, he plans to steal a visiting flying saucer to start an interplanetary war.
  4. The Minuscule Seven - A group of small gangsters called the Minuscule Seven plot to win basketball tournaments their way. It's up to Plastic Man to stop them.
  5. Superstein - Dr. Superstein plots to steal the minds of people to power his monster army.
  6. The Diabolical Doctor Dome - Doctor Dome discovers a way to extract Plastic Man's superpowers and uses them to commit crimes.
  7. The Dangerous Doctor Dinosaur - Doctor Dinosaur uses his dinosaurs to help rob banks and national landmarks.
  8. Empire of Evil - An airplane carrying the children of an important official crashes in the forbidden zone of Stone Island, which is run by a sinister group known as the empire of evil. Plastic Man and his friends are sent to rescue the children, and return them to safety.
  9. The Maniacal Computerhead - Computerhead is an evil robot that has developed a device that can bring any machine to life. He then sets out to create an army of machine to take over the world.
  10. Badladdin - Plastic Man must make a plan to stop an evil genie that is abducting teenagers at an alarming rate. The genie grants wishes to teenagers that want to become athletic superstars. He then turns them into a statue of gold and takes them for his collection.
  11. Ghostfinger - Plastic Man learns that Ghost Finger has returned to get revenge on the people responsible for sending him to prison. He uses a time machine to bring other evil ghost from the past in to help him get his revenge.
  12. The Kitty Katt Caper - Kitty Katt discovers an Egyptian serum that can turn anyone into cats.
  13. The Terrible 5 + 1 - Solex uses his solar weapon to spring Weed, Half-Ape, Clam, Computerhead, and Disco Mummy from prison in order to lead them. However, they don't agree with his terms. When Solex starts disrupting their crimes, the five villains turn to Plastic Man for help.
  14. Doctor Duplicator Strikes Again - Doctor Duplicator is kidnapping politicians and replacing them with evil duplicate clones in order to steal government secrets.
  15. Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man - Count Graffiti wants revenge on the royal family of Ocentania after being exiled from the Country. He plans on stealing a royal crown in order to make himself the new king, but Plastic Man has other ideas and plans on stopping his scheme.
  16. Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy - An ancient Aztec Queen called Disco Mummy comes back to life and steals the ancient treasure of Cortez from the government of Mexico. She tricks Plastic Man into helping her and then turns him into a mummy. He must find a way out if he is to have a chance to stop her.
  17. Hugefoot - Hugefoot steals a device that can make people see into the future and even makes off with Penny.
  18. The Day the Ocean Disappeared - Dr. Honctoff is stealing all of the oceans and seas around the world by using a secret formula to turn them into vapour and then bottling them. Plastic Man is called into stop Honctoff's dastardly deeds.
  19. Sale of the Century - Desperate for a sale, Gearshift Swift sells Earth to passing aliens. Now Plastic Man must save Earth from being pulled from its orbit by the aliens.
  20. Dr. Irwin & Mr. Meteor - The puny Dr. Irwin finds a meteor that transforms him into the powerful Mr. Meteor.
  21. City of Ice - Dr. Frost finds the city of ice and in it the power of eternal youth. After learning its secret she plans on reversing the gases effect and use it on the world. Plastic Man has to stop her evil scheme to turn the world's population into old people.
  22. Moonraider - Moonraider is stealing NASA's spaceships in outer space.
  23. Honey Bee - Honey Bee plans to use a heat missile to turn the world into a 'hot house' so that only she and her insects will survive.
  24. The Corruptible Carrot Man - When Carrot Man steals a map that will lead him to a cosmic scepter, Plastic Man must stop Carrot Man from getting to it.
  25. Dogmaster - Dogmaster plans to steal the formula for a power ray that has been hidden in a chimpanzee's brain.
  26. Thunderman - Thunderman has stolen New York City and plans to sell it to the highest bidder.
  27. Toyman (episode) - Toyman is kidnapping famous people everywhere and is turning them into toys. Unfortunately for Plastic Man, he is the last person on Toyman's list to abduct.
  28. The Spider Takes A Bride - One by one, the Spider starts to turn Queen Katherine's follower's into flies until she decides to marry him.
  29. Highbrow - Highbrow steals the world's most famous trains so that people will have to pay him to travel on them.
  30. The Hippotist - Hippotist is hypnotizing bank managers to rob their own banks and return the stolen loot to him.
  31. The Colossal Crime Of Commodore Peril - Commodore Peril holds the prized possessions belonging to three billionaires for ransom.
  32. Joggernaut - Joggernaught plans to steal an energy machine in order to use it to find the treasure of the Amazon City of Gold.
  33. Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape - Dr. Astro has created a giant plastic ape and is using it to ransack New York. Plastic Man is called in to thwart his evil schemes.
  34. The Crime Costume Caper - Greta Grim has designed the ultimate hi-tech villain suit. In order to sell it to every criminal in the world, she films a commercial starring none other than Plastic Man.
  35. The Royal Gargoyle Foil - The evil Gargoyle is hell bent on stealing Doctor Ventor's invisible ray machine. Luckily, Plastic Man stumbles across the plan and decides to prevent the Gargoyles scheme.


  • Out of all the villains in the show, Carrot-Man, Doctor Dome, and Doctor Honctoff are the only villains from Plastic Man's rogues gallery to appear in the series. Some of the other villains are based on other villains such as the Superman villain Toyman and Teen Titans villain Gargoyle (though this version is Dr. Walker rather than Bromwell Stikk) while Kitty Kat appears to be based on the Batman villain Catwoman

DVD release

On October 20, 2009, Warner Home Video has released The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show: The Complete Collection, featuring the 35 Plastic Man cartoons on DVD in Region 1 for the very first time. The other segments were not released. [1]

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