The Planet-Splitter.[1]

The Planet-Splitter was a machine designed by Doctor Lucius LeBon and his assistant named Wilbur.



Power Source

The Planet-Splitter was designed to be powered by diamonds.


The intention of LeBon was for the machine to function as a large Ray Gun capable of cutting a planet in two.

This didn't come to fruition however, due to the fact that the design was totally flawed.


The development of this machine was a long and painful process. Doctor LeBon got no help from the scientific community, who claimed such a machine would never work. (and they ended up being right) He also wasn't properly funded for the project and so he had to raise the money himself.

The tests he conducted with his assistant Wilbur were also unsuccessful, but he believed they were not; simply because Wilbur was feeding him false information, despite the failure of the tests.

This was because Wilbur wanted to keep the diamonds for himself.

Planetary Splitting

When the Planet-Splitter was believed to be ready for use, LeBon aimed it at Cygnus-Uno and activated the ray gun. It didn't power up, and Wilbur sneaked out with the diamonds.

He was stopped by the Super Friends.[2]


Super Friends (TV Series)


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