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Penguin Commandos

Penguin Commandos[1]

The Penguin Commandos were the personal commandos of the Gotham City-based supervillain known as The Penguin.

The penguins were armed with small explosive rockets that were carried into range of the target and then launched once in firing range.



History not known.

Earth 5C10L1

The Penguin Commandos were present along with Joker and his Joketroopers, who were attacking Gotham City using Apokoliptian weaponry.[2]


Super Friends books


  • The Penguin Commandos first appeared in Batman # 38 (December 1946).[3]
  • In their first appearance, the Penguin Commandos carried dynamite rather than rockets. It wasn't until the movie Batman Returns[4] that they carried rockets.


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