A well-known Metropolis park.[1]

A park was an area used for the enjoyment of nature. They were often times located inside of a settlement, and typically featured grassy areas, trees and other plantlife. Other wildlife often seen in parks were animals.

Another common sight at parks were playgrounds and paved areas for basketball and other activities. There were also at times fields used for baseball and football.

Superman was concerned when he saw rocks from the mountains rolling all by themselves, heading toward a valley he knew to be inhabited, so he was worried what would happen to the people down there, in the factories, zoo and parks.[2]

Doctor Hiram Gulliver believed that because of the population explosion, parks, as well as other areas on Earth, would be overcrowded. Which is why he decided that it was time to use his Sonic Microwave Reducer to shrink the population.[3]

Types of parks

Known parks


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