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Orion Outlaws[1]

The Orion Outlaws were a humanoid alien race from the Orion homeworld.


Outwardly, Orion Outlaws resembled Caucasian humans, with no noticeable physical differences as far as appearance was concerned.


The culture of Orion Outlaws was the most curious thing about them. They were in opposition to the law, and they hired bounty hunters to capture anyone who aided the side of justice. A couple of bounty hunters named Pack and Stardust once captured Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, but they later escaped.


The technology that the Orion Outlaws possessed was quite advanced. They were capable of interstellar space travel, and they had handheld laser guns. They also possessed teleporter technology, which allowed them to teleport to the surface of planets. They also had spacecraft and trains.


The architecture on the Orion homeworld was strikingly similar to that of America's during the Old West. This was also the case with their fashion, as the clothing they wore was very similar to that of 19th century cowboys.


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