Born Kal-El on the distant planet Krypton, he was sent to Earth as a child to survive Krypton's destruction. Raised with high moral ideals, he uses his extraordinary superpowers to fight evil and protect the innocent. As a young man growing up in Smallville, he donned the red, white and blue uniform to be a protector of the small town as Superboy. In his civilian identity he is Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis.

Departure, Arrival, Maturity

On Krypton


Jor-El and Lara put Kal (as his father called him) into the ship. Jor-El tries to get Lara to go but she refuses and tells him that her place is by his side.[1]

The ‘rocket-ship[2] barely escapes as the planet explodes.

On Earth


Jonathan and Martha Kent see what appears to be a ship land in the field next to where they are driving. They park and rush over to the ship.

They see the ship, crashed in the dirt with the hatch open. Jonathan reaches in and pulls out the boy and hands him to Martha.

They load up the space ship and take off with the boy.

At Orphanage

While driving, Martha asks Jonathan if they can keep the boy. Jonathan tells her that there are certain formalities, soon after they arrive at the orphanage.

At the orphanage they tell the director that they are aware that anyone finding an abandoned child is supposed to bring him to the orphanage. The director tells the nurse to bring the baby to the dispensary.

Martha tells the director that they would like to adopt the baby. The director tells them that they must investigate all applicants carefully. Martha asks how long that will take. The director tells her that it won’t be long.

As they leave Martha wants to know why they couldn’t tell them how they found the baby. Jonathan tells her that it is for the same reason we are going to hide the rocket. He wants to hide the ship and the baby from scientists and those who would seek to make a profit.[3]

The director begins seeing interested couples immediately. But things go crazy. Joseph Walters and his wife come in to see the boy, but decided not to adopt him because his superpowers were causing disaster! Mr. and Mrs. Kenny, were also interested until they saw that Clark had taken a lion from the zoo into his room at the orphanage.[4]

(The next night)[5], Kal-El gets lonely and decides to fly out the window to the Kent's house and through their window and into there bed in between them. When morning comes, Martha awakens to find young Kal-El sleeping. She wakes Jonathan, who finally decides that they'll call up the orphanage to convince them that they'll adopt him their selves.[6]

(The next morning)[7] Doctor Brown is having a hard time. He has broken 4 needles trying to give Kal-El a vaccination shot. The nurse jokingly says that his skin is like steel.

The doctor leaves deciding to discuss this with Dr. McCarthy; just then young Kal-El jumps out of the crib and swings from the overhead lights. She calls out to the Doctor to help get him down.

Moments later the nurse calls the director to come to the dispensary because it was urgent. [8]

Soon after the director calls the Kents. They arrive to pick up the boy and Martha comments that they moved quickly[9] the director tells them that in special circumstances they move very fast. On the way out, Martha asks what they shall name him. Jonathan says that they can name him after her family.[10]

As a Child and Teen


As the years go by, the child begins to grow.

When he was a toddler, Martha Kent has a difficult time keeping Clark from using his super powers at the grocery store.[11]

At around age four, When Pa and Ma Kent leave him with a babysitter, The young lady soon finds out that she has her hands full when dealing with a super powered child who wants to stay up late to watch television.[12]

At age five, Clark goes to school for the first time and meets his future childhood sweetheart, Lana Lang. Clark gets in trouble when another student blames him for letting the class guinea pig out of the cage.[13]

Sometime later Clark goes on a camping trip with his boy scout troops. They all gather around the campfire and tell ghost stories, and then hear noises in the forest, but when they go to investigate, they discover that it's only forest animals.[14]

On another occasion, The Kents take young Clark to the circus, and he inadvertently becomes part of it![15]

One day, Clark is unhappy with his life at the Kent Farm, so he decides to run away from home, but when he sees how much more problems he faces on his own, he decides to go back.[16]

Later, It's Clark's birthday, and many kids come to celebrate, including Lana Lang. Clark secretly uses his super powers to have an X-ray vision peak at his birthday presents.[17]

As a Teenager

At the age of 16, Clark takes his Driver's test, passes and receives his license.[18]

Later that year[19]Clark goes on his first date with Lana Lang to a concert.[20]

At Clark's high school, Clark decides to play football but Pa asks him to reconsider joining the team, because with his super powers it's not really fair.[21]

Around the age of 18, Clark Kent graduates from High School.[22]

While still in his late teens, he adopted the identity of Superboy,[23] who used his powers and abilities to protect the citizens of Smallville from evil, and the rest of the world.

At some point Clark befriends a boy named Lex Luthor. One afternoon Luthor is working on cure for Superboy against the deadly influence of Kryptonite in his home laboratory, he accidentally causes a minor explosion. Superboy arrives and sees smoke coming out of the window, he mistakes it for a fire and using his superbreath, he blows at the smoke, but in doing so, he accidentally blows the fumes directly on Lex causing him to become bald. This leaves Luthor furious at Superboy, believing he was jealous of his intelligence, so he vows to have his revenge on Superboy.[24][25]

As A Man


As the years go by, Clark Kent moves away from Smallville to Metropolis where he is hired a position as a reporter at the Daily Planet by editor and cheif Perry White. There he meets Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. He abandons the Superboy persona and adopts the identity of Superman! Although this proves to be complicated, as he has much affection for Lois Lane, but she doesn't really like Clark Kent, but she does like Superman, and he can't tell her that they are one and the same.

And this is where the story of Superman begins!

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