Orando was the only inhabited planet in the Valar Three star system.


Orando, which was settled in the 25th century by emigrants of Gemworld, operated under a system of feudalism. A medieval world whose culture was based on mysticism and magic, Orando was ruled by a monarchy. The Orandans, one of the few magically-based societies in the universe, were extremely xenophobic.

For thousands of years, Orando existed side-by-side with its neighbors in the United Planets, but the 30th century natives had grown to fear the influences on its world; they viewed these influences as a threat to their world's dependence on its magical heritage. Because of this, Orando's monarch, Queen Projectra, ordered the entire planet moved to another, less populated dimension, where they might continue their mystical lifestyle without rousing the fears and greedy manipulations of outsiders.[2]




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