Operation Hitchhiker

Operation Hitchhiker[1]

Operation Hitchhiker, as it was called by Robin, refers to an incident involving the destruction of Krypton, when one particular chunk of Krypton, called the sky stone, was sent hurling in the direction of Earth from the massive explosion, and it was likely caught in the warp field[2] of the Kryptonian Space Ark.

The Kryptonite that eventually reached Earth had traces of Kryptonian mushroom spores on it, which hitched a ride to Earth on the Kryptonite.[3]


Once "Operation Hitchhiker" was over, the mushrooms sprouted up all over the crash site of the sky stone. The Martingale family, which discovered the stone, kept it for good luck.


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  2. This is just conjecture based on the fact that the sky stone could not have possibly reached Earth unless it was traveling faster than the speed of light. Although one other possibility was that it fell into some sort of black hole or wormhole.
  3. As seen in The Menace of the White Dwarf.
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