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One Punch

Fire Takes Down Elongated Man's head With One Punch.[1]

One Punch was something someone might excitedly say if they were to take out their opponent in Hand-to-Hand combat with nothing more than a single punch.

In most instances, this would not be so easy to do, as usually landing a punch that perfectly would've been quite difficult to do, and the best a person might've been able to do was give their opponent a busted tooth, black eye or a bloody nose.

Superheroes and Supervillains with super strength however, had no problems at all with rendering an opponent unconscious with a single punch. Often times when an opponent was knocked unconscious with one single punch, it was something considered humorous to the people involved, and such an event was often accompanied with laughter.



One Punch 2

Ralph Still Can't Believe He Was Taken Out With One Punch.[2]

When Ralph Dibny and the other Justice League Europe members were at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Ralph noticed that Fire and Ice were there as well, and when he stretched his neck over to them to greet them, this surprised Fire, and she punched him in the face, sending his outstretched neck hurtling backward, where it slapped into the pavement like a rubber band, hitting hard. They all laughed, and Ralph embarrassingly said "One punch..."[3]

Sometime later at the same film festival, they were all sitting down at an outdoor table enjoying a drink and having conversation and talking about pleasure. But before they got quite that far, Ralph was still sulking, saying "One punch." Ralph's wife Sue Dibny then told him to stop sulking. This of course was only a few moments before the faced the Movie Buff who takes on the form of Godzilla. This goes without saying but they definitely couldn't take him out with "one punch."[4]



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