An Okaaran.[1]

The Okaarans were a humanoid species from the planet known as Okaara of the Citadel Empire, located in the Vega system in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The most renowned Okaarans were the Warlords of Okaara; citizens of Okaara that were trained in the art of combat and in the use of weaponry.

Physical Characteristics

Okaarans had two long sharp tusks on their bottom jaw, and their skin was usually colored differently than human skin. Some were known to be yellowish, reddish and even blueish in color. The variety of skin color could be different ethnic groups or subspecies.

At least one Okaaran was incredibly strong, possessing enough strength to hold his own against Superman in hand-to-hand combat. Superman does end up winning, but still; the strength of his opponent was still quite evident.

Known Okaarans



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