A native of a planet that is located in the same solar system as the planet Okarra.[1]

Okaara was a planet located in the Vega system. It was the thirteenth planet out from Alpha Lyrae, and it was inhabited by a humanoid race that were subjects of the Citadel Empire, known as the Okaarans.


Okaara was once an idyllic world of unparalleled beauty, but it had eventually been reduced to a planet with a scorched and scarred surface through the misfortunes of a nuclear holocaust. Okaarans resided in tunnels beneath the ruined surface. The Warlords of Okaara ruled the planet, perfecting their military and weaponry skills, but Okaara was also known for its scholars and artists.

The Warlords also sponsored a special place for scholars, where virtually all known written records and artifacts of the Vega system's history was stored. This college was supported by the Warlords' training of the children of the rich and privileged from other Vegan worlds.[2]

Known natives


Okaara first appeared in Tales of the Teen Titans # 4 (September 1982).[3]


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