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Missiles were often used to deliver nuclear weapons to their targets.[1]

A nuclear weapon was a type of bomb that could be detonated by nuclear fission or nuclear fusion.

Such nuclear energy could be so powerful it could devastate and even completely destroy an entire city.

On the planet known as Earth, humans developed such weapons of mass destruction, and at times had used them for military operations.

Nuclear warfare

In World War II, the Allied Forces used nuclear weapons against the Axis Powers, and bombed two Japanese cities, devastating them.[2]

In the late 10th century on the planet Rann, the cities of Ranagar and Zared were involved in a nuclear conflict against each other.[3]

At some point, the planet Okaara, once known for its' unparalleled beauty, was scorched by a nuclear cataclysm.[4]

The atomic wars on the planet Colu were also quite devastating. It was at one time believed, even by Superman; that the entire Coluan population had been wiped out by those conflicts.[5]

World War III was another terrible conflict on Earth that likewise involved nuclear weaponry. The fallout irradiated certain parts of the planet, turning them into desert wastelands. Jonah Hex, a 19th century bounty hunter experienced the aftermath of this conflict, when he teleported through time to the 2050s.[6]


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