Mr. Noah Tall
Noah Tall (01x09 - The Balloon People)
Real name: Noah Tall
AKA: Mr. Tall
Species: Human
Hair: white
Base: Noah Tall's fortress
Rogue of: Super Friends
Weaponry: Cloud Busters
Voiced/Played: Norman Alden

Noah Tall is a greedy villain who wants to steal an alien races' secret about teleportation, with the aid of his dimwitted assistant, Twisty.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



  • Genius-Level Intellect: Noah Tall is incredibly smart, or so he claims. He even once said: "I know it all!"
  • Eidetic Memory: Noah Tall has an excellent memory. He memorized every encyclopedia he owns.
  • Scholar: Noah Tall is an ambitious scholar as well. However, his desire is to gain knowledge for his own benefit, to gain power over mankind.
  • Science: Noah Tall seems to have quite the understanding of sciences, such as physics and chemistry.
  • Philosophy: Noah Tall is well versed in a variety of philosophical topics. However his own philosophy is based entirely on his desire to use power to dominate mankind.


  • Power Hungry: Noah Tall is a very greedy man. He desires power, and he believes that he can get that through knowledge. But he is willing to commit criminal acts to find a means to that end.





  • Noah Tall and his assistant Twisty, only appeared in one episode.
  • Noah Tall is an allusion to the term "Know-it-all," which refers to someone who professes to have a great amount of knowledge, but doesn't really know much of anything at all.
  • Noah Tall was portrayed as a parody of a typical mad scientist stereotype.


Super Friends: Season 1

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