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Real name: Noah
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Sex: Male
Occupation: Farmer
Base: Earth

Noah was a man that was a follower of God early in Human history.

Much of what was known about him was written in the Bible, which told of how he constructed an ark, as directed by God, and he and his family took refuge in that craft when God sent the Deluge; which was heavy rain and floodwaters from "the heavens."

Noah and his family were thus the only Humans to survive the calamity that befell the Earth, and therefore Noah became the father to all of Humanity, similar to how Adam did generations earlier.



Green Arrow once said that if the Parademons attacking Earth was a minor catastrophe, "then Noah rode out a light rain!"[1]

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  1. As seen in Red Tornado's Super Powers minicomic (1984).

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