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Nightwing (Tales of the TT 59, Nov. 85).jpg
Real name: Richard Grayson
AKA: Robin (former)
The Boy Wonder
The Teen Wonder
Red Robin
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-One
Hair: Black
Relatives: John Grayson (father)
Mary Grayson (mother)
Bruce Wayne (foster father)
Mar'i Grayson (daughter)
Base: Titans Tower, East River, Manhattan
Affiliations: SuperFriends
Batman Family
Teen Titans[1]
New Teen Titans
Nightwing Gallery

Nightwing was the superhero identity assumed by Dick Grayson sometime after he had left Batman to become a solo crimefighter, abandoning his role as Robin.[2]

Dick chose the name "Nightwing" because of a conversation that he had with Superman regarding a superhero from the shrunken city of Kandor that also called himself 'Nightwing'.[3]

Background Information

In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Dick Grayson has become increasingly restless since quitting the Teen Titans.

He decided to attend college at Hudson University in New Carthage, New York.[4]

After a short time, Dick quits to pursue a solo career[5] and inexplicably moves back into the mansion.

The 'New' Teen Titans

Main article: The New Teen Titans

Soon a handful of the original Titans band together, along with a few new faces to form the 'New Teen Titans,' all the while being guided by a mysterious force. This line-up consisted of: Robin, Beast Boy (now going by the name Changeling), Kid-Flash, Wonder Girl, new-recruit Cyborg, an alien named Starfire and an empath named Raven.[6]

He soon decided to resume his studies. This time at Gotham University.[7]

Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson) is hired by H.I.V.E. to kill the New Titans.[8]

At the site of the Statue of Liberty, Changeling battles a young costumed girl, who claims that she’s on a mission, but doesn’t want to kill anyone. Before she speeds away into the sky, she calls herself Terra.[9]

Shortly after Changeling meets Terra, the Titans have a chance meeting Roy Harper, who decides to resume his identity as Speedy.[10]

Over a span of several days, Changeling continues his pursuit of the fugitive Terra, finally capturing her and bringing her to the Titans Tower. Meanwhile, bases of Brother Blood's cult are being systematically attacked and destroyed by the Brotherhood of Evil. Kid Flash, Raven, and Cyborg are on hand when Changeling appears with Terra. After hearing how she had been forced to commit crimes by terrorists holding her parents, the rulers of the nation of Markovia, the Titans decide to attack and subdue her tormentors, only to discover that the girl's parents have long since been killed. Changeling befriends Terra in her grief, but the other Titans are still unsure whether to believe her story or not.[11]

As Jason Todd officially becomes Batman’s new sidekick,[12] Dick decides to give his identity as Robin. At Wally’s goodbye party (he is leaving for college),[13] he tells his fellow Titans that he is giving up his identity and that they need to pick a new leader, until he can come up with a new persona. Later, Dick shows up in the Batcave and tells Bruce that he wants to move out from the shadow of the Batman and will be happy to give up his identity as the ‘Robin’ allowing the boy to continue the legacy. He gives Jason the suit and he puts it on with style.[14]

Back in New York City, the Titans relax in Titans Tower. Cyborg and the team discuss choosing a new name for Dick Grayson.[15]

In Dick’s absence, the Titans protégé Terra, has won the heart and mind of Changeling. None of the Titans suspect that she has been secretly spying on them on behalf of her partner Deathstroke the Terminator. Terra has been feeding Terminator important information regarding the Titans including their secret identities. During a training exercise, Terra, in a fit of rage, unleashes a massive attack that nearly cripples Gar. The other Titans calm her down, but it is Raven who realizes that there is something seriously dangerous about this girl. Meanwhile, the information Terra has been secretly providing Deathstroke, enables him to capture the Titans one by one – starting with Donna Troy and Kory Anders (aka Starfire). He then acquires Cyborg and the Changeling. Eventually, Dick discovers that all of his former teammates have been captured and returns to Titans Tower. There he is greeted by Adeline Kane, the Terminator's ex-wife. She introduces him to her mute son Joey (who possesses the power to possess other people). Adeline explains how the young protégé the Titans have been mentoring is a traitor and has been secretly working with her ex-husband since the moment the Titans first met her. Adeline's son Joey is eager to help Dick rescue the Titans as Jericho. Realizing that he can never truly retire from super-heroics, Dick adopts a new costume and identity and calls himself Nightwing! Adeline then gives the heroes the location of the H.I.V.E. command center nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Once they have snuck inside, they discover the abducted Titans strapped to a giant machine which is slowly siphoning away their life energy. After battling a horde of H.I.V.E. shock troops, Nightwing and Jericho are captured. Jericho takes this opportunity to possess his own father. Using the Terminator's body and weaponry, he frees the other Titans and begins fighting the H.I.V.E. Terra is enraged at Terminator and feels that his affection for Joey makes him weak. She loses complete control of her sanity and yearns for nothing more than the death of everyone in the room. Changeling refuses to believe that Terra has gone bad, and is certain that the Terminator has brainwashed her. Terra's powers rage out of control until finally she causes a mountain of earth and debris to collapse down from the ceiling, killing herself in the process. The Titans bring Terra's body back to New York for burial. The funeral service is small and only the Titans and the Outsiders are in attendance. The Titans let Terra's brother, Geo-Force, believe that she died heroically while fighting the H.I.V.E.[16]

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Main article: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Soon, the world changed. The red skies of the Crisis begin to appear on both Earth-One and Earth-Two. As red skies consume the earth, Dick finds himself aboard a strange satellite orbiting the earth along with a massive congregation of heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two – against their will. They have been summoned by three individuals. One is Alex Luthor, Jr. from Earth-Three. The other two are called Pariah and the Harbinger. Together the three explain how a being called the Anti-Monitor has released a massive antimatter wave, absorbing the energies of the destroyed positive matter universes and growing stronger even as his counterpart, the Monitor grew weaker. Now his counterpart is dead. They are told there is chance to defeat the Atni-Monitor if they protect a series of ‘Anti-Tuning Fork’ which are dispersed across space and time. This task will not be easy, as they will surey be attacked by the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons along the way. These ‘Anti-Tuning Forks’ were designed to protect the multiverse, by merging the five surviving Earths [Earth-One, Earth-Two, Earth-S, Earth-X, and Earth-Four] into a single one that could resist the Anti-Monitor's on-coming wave of anti-matter,[17] or else all worlds will be destroyed.[18]

It soon becomes clear that the plea of the three must not go unheeded. The Titans (Changeling, Cyborg, Jericho, Kole, Nightwing, Starfire and Wonder Girl) team up with the recently formed hero team, the 'Outsiders' (Black Lightning, Halo, Katana and Metamorpho) to save as many citizens of New York City as possible. Batman and Superman arrive to lend a hand. They are also confused as to why this is happening. Suddenly, the Flash appears to the gathered heroes. He tells them that something is happening in the future, everything is unraveling, fraying at the seams. Batman tries talking to him, but before the Flash can respond, he screams in pain and terror as he is pulled away and disappears.[19]

In New York, Captain Karras arrives in an invisible ship and heads to the Titan Headquarters to tell Princess Koriand’r (aka Starfire) that her father has summoned her and that her parents await. With the Crisis having been apparently abated, she agrees to return to her homeworld with Captain Karras. Nightwing and Jericho decide to accompany her.[20] They make their way into orbit (unaware that they are on the opposite side of the earth from Brainiac and his horde of evil super-villains). The Captain and his first officer, Taryia are discussing the reason the Princess has been summoned, but decide not to tell her just yet. Jericho overhears and is worried.[21]

Nightwing and Jericho explain this to Starfire, but she remains unconvinced. Following a hunt, however, King Myand'r reveals that civil war has ravaged the planet, and that according to the terms of the peace settlement, Koriand'r must marry Captain Karras, the heir of the ruler of the southern states of Kalapatt.[22]

Kory and Dick argue over her impending marriage to Karras, she claiming that it will be a mere formality and not make a difference in their relationship and he saying that things can never be the same between them if she does not refuse her father's wishes. After they part company, Kory learns that Karras is actually in love with Taryia and is also participating in the marriage from a sense of duty. At Joe's suggestion, Ryand'r takes him and Dick on a tour of the planet, only to run afoul of Blackfire's massing forces. All three are captured, preventing them from returning to warn the city, as the wedding procession begins.[23]

Starfire's marriage to Karras proceeds.[24]

Jericho and Nightwing return to Earth – the New Earth.[25]

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