New Troy[1]

New Troy[2] is the main borough of Metropolis. To the north is the Hob's River, and to the south is the West River. Stryker's Island is located south of New Troy, in the West River.



Dominated by the docks along Hob's River, Downtown replaced the Old City as Metropolis's major waterfront area. Many famous locations and monuments are located here. One of these monuments is Monument Circle, which is a roundabout that has a statue of a Continental soldier from the Revolutionary War in the middle of the roundabout.

Central Business District

The Central Business District is the dominant business area of the city. It is the location of the City Municipal building. The Galaxy Communications building is located here, as well as many other businesses.

Suicide Slum

A very bad part of town. Suicide Slum is actually a nickname, although it is far more common than Hob's Bay, which is the districts real name. Suicide Slum is high on crime, and the neighborhood is filled with very low-income families. The neighborhood is along the dockside of Hob's River, a location known as Hob's Bay.


Midtown is the glamor and shopping center of Metropolis. Lois Lane's apartment is located there, and Clark Kent's apartment is located in this district as well.


  1. Looking south, as seen in Bad Day on Black Mountain.
  2. This name is never used in the series or any of its' related shows, the name comes from the comics.
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