The Gateway to the Nether World[1]

The Nether World (also referred to as the Nether Region and Nether Realm) was the place where the souls of the dead go. The realm was mostly inhabited by a race of beings known as Demons.

Other names that have been used to describe the Nether World were Hades; Kingdom of the Dead; the Underworld and the Realm of the Dead.

Dante's Inferno was a book that was about the firey nether world of Hell.

Realms of the Nether World

Known Inhabitants


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  • According to the New Earth reality, Wonder Dog is a Hellhound from this realm. This has never been revealed in the Earth-1A reality but it would help to explain why he is so freakishly intelligent.


  1. As seen in the Tarzan and the Super 7 episode The Scarlet Samurai (1978).

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