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You may be looking for Neptune, the Sea-God.

A model shows the orbit of Neptune around the Sun.[1]

Neptune was the eighth planet from the sun. It was named after the mythical god Neptune.

The inhabitants of this world were known as the Neptunians.

Von Knowalot had a model of the solar system and Neptune could be seen on it.[2]


In ancient times, Neptune was inhabited by a Humanoid race. They colonized Earth in the Pacific Ocean, establishing the underwater city of Neptunia.

Neptune was settled by Humans from Earth in the 23rd century. At first, these Neptunians relied on special pressurized habitats to survive in the gaseous atmosphere. Over the following generations, the descendants of these colonists gradually adapted to the atmosphere until they had gained limited control of their bodies. These people were able to become as flat as a sheet of paper to lessen the effect of the dense atmosphere.

In the 30th century, because of its' heavy atmosphere, there were very few visitors to Neptune. Those who did come to this planet were forced to remain in special pressurized habitats or risk being crushed to death. If a member of an oxygen-breathing race remained unprotected on Neptune's surface, he would begin to die.[3]


  • Neptune first appeared in Mystery In Space # 1 (May 1951).[4]


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