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Meanwhile at the Hall Of Justice - Superfriends

The Narrator refers to the various voice actors that provide narration for the Super Friends cartoon. Ted Knight was very memorable, but more so, Bill Woodson is likely the most memorable actor to provide narration, as he had the longest run with the series. His voice is best remembered uttering the lines: "Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice."

The announcer would play a similar role to the narrator, Dick Tufeld normally played that role; he could be heard when the show returned from a commercial break and shows the title card, when you could hear him say: "We now continue, with the Super Friends!" and he also provided the announcer's role in the opening theme of season 8, when he announces the title of the show toward the end of the theme, when it is shown written on the screen: "SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show!", and Tufeld actually said it out loud, apparently assuming that the majority of the show's audience can't read.


Narration in cartoons from the Super Friends Universe wasn't a rare thing. Even in the Superman theatrical cartoons, there was occasional narration, done by Jackson Beck. By the sixties this was common on the Filmation cartoons, and once again Jackson Beck narrated episodes of The New Adventures of Superman. The role was quickly taken over by Ted Knight, who would voice the narrator throughout the rest of the sixties Filmation cartoons, and would even carry the role over to the Super Friends in 1973.

By the time the series is revived in 1977 however, the role goes to William Woodson, who continued with the series until it ended, and even narrated the opening sequence of the Ruby-Spears Superman series.

In 1979, Gary Owens was the narrator of the Legends of the Superheroes episodes: The Challenge and The Roast. He was also the announcer during the theme song of the program.


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