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Nightwing standing next to a mutant.[1]

Mutant was a word used to describe any individual that had experienced mutation, regardless of the species the individual. Usually a mutant had special abilities. For humans, it could be difficult to distinguish mutants from metahumans, but there were small physiological differences.

For example, a mutant was considered the product of evolution; whereas metahumans were born with a meta-gene, and didn't usually get any super powers unless they were exposed to some sort of trauma. For example, the Flash, who was definitely a metahuman, was struck by lightning and bathed in chemicals before his meta-gene was "jump-started," giving him super speed.

Doctor Cranum believed that by the 10,020th century, all humans would be mutants, and will have evolved to the point where they have remarkable mental powers. Although it should be noted that by that time, mutants by the 20th century definition would no longer be considered as such, since that would be the norm by then.

The Super-Apes were a race of Gorillas that might also be considered mutants, since they were the product of what appears to be evolution. Another example of mutants was the Man-Wolf.[2]

List of Mutants

This is a list of known mutants and people that presumably are mutants, but might actually be metas, or the non-human equivalent.

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