Bruce Wayne looks in terror as his parents are murdered.[1]

Murder is the willful act of killing someone. It is a type of Homicide. Murder is considered in most cultures one of the most despicable crimes.

On the parallel Earth known as Earth-Two, in the 1940s, while Lois Lane and Clark Kent are covering the story of the circus at the midway in Metropolis, Clark Kent tells Lois Lane it looks like "a great night for a murder or a fire or something."[2]

Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered in front of him when he was a small child.[3]

The book, known as The Tell-Tale Heart, is an interesting piece of literature written by Edgar Allan Poe, which is about a man who commits murder, and the guilt that manifests from it, when he believes he can still hear the man's heart beating, even though he had already killed him.[4]


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