Mummy of Nazca
Real name: Unrevealed[1]
Species: Ancient Astronaut
Homeworld: Ancient Astronaut Homeworld
Universe: Earth-1A
Affiliations: Professor Rudolph Karloff
Voiced/Played: Frank Welker??

The Mummy of Nazca was an extraterrestrial mummy from another planet, who originally was a living alien that visited Earth, landing his spacecraft in Nazca, Peru.

While there, he makes contact with the human population of the area. Little is known about the circumstances related to his relationship with these prehistoric humans of that era, but eventually, the alien somehow dies, and his corpse is mummified.

By the 1970s, the alien's mummified remains find their way to the Metropolis Museum of Natural History, and the alien is brought back to life in a seemingly undead state by a certain Professor Rudolph Karloff, who wishes to locate the advanced technology of the mummy's race.

Upon reaching the advanced technology, which was the mummy's spaceship, Karloff is captured by the Super Friends, and the mummy escapes on his own ship, heading back to his homeworld, although the Super Friends intentionally let him go, since he was presumably under the control of Karloff and no longer any real harm to anyone on Earth.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers




Super Friends (TV Series)


  1. His real name wasn't revealed in the episode he appeared in.
  2. As seen in The Mummy of Nazca.
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