Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree
Real name: Unrevealed[1]
Species: Palm tree
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Base: Molesville

Mr. Tree, as Marvin called him, was a native of Molesville. Like every other life form in that subterranean jungle, this tree was able to move about by himself thanks to a lagoon filled with a special type of water called "walk water."

Marvin White asked this tree for permission to climb him so that he could get a better look around Molesville so as to find the cavern that leads into Molesville. Immediately the tree picks him up, and he gets to where he sees it. He then politely asks him to put him down.

Not long later, a yellow lagoon creature uses his tentacles to grab the Tree. Luckily Aquaman arrives to rescue the tree, although the creature admitted he was only just playing a practical joke, and didn't mean any real harm.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers




  • Reliance of Walk Water: The tree's power that allows it to walk is limited to the amount of walk water it gets. Without such water it is just a normal tree.


Super Friends (TV Series)


  1. The name of this tree, assuming it had one, wasn't revealed in the episode it appeared in.
  2. As seen in The Mysterious Moles.
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