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Filmation Character
Mister Mind
Species: Venusian worm
Homeworld: Venus
Universe: Earth-1A[1]
Hair: None
Eyes: White
Base: Fawcett City
Affiliations: Monster Society of Evil
Abilities: Mind control
Super Intelligence

Mr. Mind is an alien supervillain from the planet Venus. He is an enemy of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-S, Mr. Mind was a mutant member of a race of alien worms, born with a genius intellect and evil conscience. He traveled to Earth-2A during World War II and tried to enlist a group of super-villains he called the Monster Society of Evil. However the other villains rebelled against him, and without his leadership were quickly defeated by the All-Star Squadron.

Returning to his native universe he formed another Monster Society with more success, managing to enjoin the services of old enemies of Captain Marvel such as Dr. Sivana and Ibac, the Axis Powers, the Crocodile-Men of the planet Punkus, and many monsters and human criminals. However bit by bit Captain Marvel thwarted their schemes, captured or drove off its members, and destroyed their resources. When his last two followers abandoned him, Mr. Mind tried to get off to a fresh start by killing Billy Batson and although he knocked the boy out with ether, only then realized that while he had the mind of a genius he had the body of a helpless worm. He was soon captured and sentenced to death in the electric chair. However, his species was actually immune to electric shock and he was only stunned. When his body was supposed to be stuffed and put on display in a museum, Mr. Mind instead hypnotized the taxidermist and had him create a fake. Mr. Mind then spun a cocoon and went into a long hibernation to plague Captain Marvel and form new iterations of the Monster Society in the years to come.


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  • The Monster Society is notable for being the first comic book villain team to include preexisting villains from other stories.

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  1. In the comics, he was from Earth-S.
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