Filmation Character
AKA: Scott Rogers
Species: Metahuman

Scott Rogers

The Moonman is a supervillain who is in reality Scott Rogers, an astronaut, and an old college friend of Bruce Wayne. But when he is exposed to the light of the full moon, he transforms into Moonman, and steals objects that came from the moon.

Background Information

Brice Rogers, an astronaut makes a space flight around the moon. During the journey a green comet crosses his trail. When he returns to Earth, moonlight causes him to become a criminal called the Moonman. In the morning, his normal personality returns, but he forgets everything that has happened.

Batman, Robin, and Superman tangle with the Moonman who gives off Kryptonite radiation which weakens Superman. Rogers eventually realizes that he is the Moonman and tries to turn himself in, but some crooks capture him to use as their leader. Eventually the comet’s radiation wears off, returning Rogers to normal. The super-heroes are then able to capture the gang with his help.[1]


The New Adventures of Batman (1977)


  • Moonman made his first appearance in World's Finest Comics #98 (December 1958).
  • In the comics, he was also an enemy of Superman.

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  1. This information comes from the Earth-One version of the character.
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