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A monster was a character or creature with a horrifying appearance, often times evil in nature, although this was not always the case. Most monsters were scary due to the fact that they were often times quite large, had sharp fangs or claws, were just overall terrifying in appearance, and were often murderous and devilish.

Some monsters were the product of scientific experiments of mad scientists. Many times such creations turned on their creator. An example of this was Frankenstein. Other monsters were undead creatures, such as vampires, mummies, zombies skeleton monsters and ghosts. Monsters like these were a common element of horror fiction.

Some monsters were creatures of nature, rather than supernatural. These were creatures such as dinosaurs, which were often thought of as monsters in this modern world, because beyond the Mesozoic age, dinosaurs were quite rare, and a scary sight for humans living in modern times, where the largest land animals were far smaller than many dinosaurs. Dragons from mythology would also be considered monsters, and there were many other monsters from mythology.

It should also be noted, that the word monster was also used to refer to people that were evil, that do not necessarily appear ugly or dreadful in appearance, but the things that they did, such as violent crimes, made them seem like monsters. This means that supervillains and other criminals could likewise be considered monsters, particularly the Monster Society of Evil, at least when taking this definition into account.

Accounts involving monsters

A woman once saw Bizarro in flight over Metropolis, thinking it was Superman. Upon looking closer, she realized it wasn't him and she shouted: "It's a monster!! AAAGGHH!!"[6]

Types of monsters

  • Skeleton monsters

Notable monsters

  • Giant Caveman (fictional)

Monster movies


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