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The United States Treasury Department's Money[1]

Money was anything that is used for payment for goods or services in any given country or society. Money was used all over Earth. In America, the dollar was common, while in the other parts of the world, they used other types of money. Money was also used on other worlds in outer space.

Money, or the love of it rather, had been described as the "root of all evil," which were words written by the Apostle Paul in his First Epistle to Timothy.[2]



The United States Government made Hank and Ben pay for all the damage they caused using the profits they illegally earned from UltraTech.[3]

The Raven offered to give Paw Martingale all kinds of money for his sky stone, but Martingale refused to sell it.[4]

The Vanderbulge Star Sapphire was supposedly the world's most valuable sapphire in the 1970s, in terms of its' worth in money.[5]

Types of money

Places money was stored


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