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Molesville was an underground region located at the very bottom of the Earth's crust. It was a remarkable jungle inhabited by a variety of animal, plant and fungi life, and possibly others.

Volcanic activity was low, but it kept the jungle warm, however the diamonds next to the volcano were too hot for any human to approach. The freshwater located in the jungle was called "walk water," which was a life giving water that gave trees and rocks the ability to walk.

The entrance to this jungle was Bottomless Cave, a cave that was for a time considered a legend, but was eventually discovered by Max Mole, who in turn discovered Molesville.[2]


Thanks to the life-giving walk water, a variety of wildlife lived in Molesville. This included plants such as walking trees, which could walk by themselves. There were also rock life forms that were also given life by the water.

In addition to those, there was a variety of animal life, much of which was extinct on Earth's surface. Those included hadrosaurs, tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, tortoises and lagoon creatures.

There was also fungus, such as mushrooms, which grew around the volcano that was surrounded by diamonds.

The name

The name of the place, "Molesville," was named after Max Mole, who discovered the jungle after spelunking with his wife, Minnie Mole in Bottomless Cave.

Individual natives