Mole family[1]

That crafty pair of cave crawlers...

The Mole family consisted of Max and Minnie Mole, a middle-aged couple that are both well-known spelunkers.

Maximus Mole was especially well known for the work he had formerly done as a professor of speleology, while Minnie Mole was also a talented mechanic.


The Search for Bottomless Cave

Max once wrote a book about the legendary Bottomless Cave. He believed that it existed, and had long theorized that it was located somewhere in Cave County. At some point, he and his wife take up residence there, and they begin their search for the cave.

Eventually they locate it, and upon doing so, they discover that the cave does indeed have a bottom, an area at the bottom of Earth's crust. They name this jungle place Molesville, after their family name.

Criminal activities

Upon their discovery, they located diamonds in Molesville, but they were unable to approach them as they were in close proximity of a super-heated volcanic fissure that is constantly spewing blue flames.

Realizing they'd never get to take the diamonds without reducing the heat, a criminal plot is then devised by them, with Minnie acting mostly as the mastermind behind it. They begin stealing air conditioners from factory rooftops to cool the place off, but fortunately for justice, their plot was discovered by the Super Friends, who put a stop to their plans.

Personal attributes

Minnie Mole

Minimus Mole is skilled as a mechanic, she also is great at spelunking, however she is definitely the meaner of the two. She isn't kind hearted in the least, and she is a constant nag and tyrant to her husband. It was primarily her greed that led to the crimes they committed.

Max Mole

Maximus Mole was an expert speleologist, and although he may have been somewhat obsessed with locating Bottomless Cave, it wasn't because he was greedy like his wife, it was purely for scientific reasons. All in all, he was a kind-hearted man, and he even had a strong loving connection with many of the creatures in Molesville.

Extended family

It is unknown if the Moles ever had any children, but if they did, it's most likely that since the couple was middle-aged, that their children would be grown up and moved away.


Super Friends (TV Series)


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