A man looks into a mirror.[1]

A mirror was a highly reflective surface that could be used to transport oneself to the Sixth Dimension. This was something that Mirror Master did in order to commit crimes.[2]

Wendy had a pocket mirror that Batman borrowed while they were in the Justice League think tank. Batman used it to demonstrate how Superman could take a giant reflector up into outer space, to turn the dark hemisphere of Earth into day. Superman later flies over to Shamon's laboratory to borrow his reflector in his telescope, and used it to clear the dark side of the Earth from the Shamonite.[3]

Wonder Dog saw his reflection in a mirror next to a truck, thinking it was his robot doppelganger.[4]

Superman borrowed the mirror from the telescope at the Mount Palamore Astronomical Observatory, in order to use it to reflect the Blue Jet's blue beam.[5]


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