Brainiac's Proton Shrinker 2

Miniaturizing ray[1]

A miniaturizing ray or shrink ray, was any type of energy, such as a laser, that was projected from a ray gun, that was capable of shrinking matter. In most cases, a ray gun of this type would have at least two settings, one to shrink a target, and another to return it to its' normal size.

Although technology like this was at one time considered incredibly advanced on planets such as Earth or other worlds, shrinking technology was an everyday thing on Colu.

In fact, Brainiac's Proton Shrinker was a ray gun of this type, and he had used it to shrink the entire Kryptonian city of Kandor.[2]

The supervillain Electro also had a ray gun of that type.[3]

Doctor Hiram Gulliver also invented a shrink ray called a Sonic Microwave Reducer, as well as several other shrinking machines. His shrink rays were microwave-based. He used them in an attempt to solve the Earth's growing population problem. He even had a hand held version of the device, which was called a handheld minimizer.[4]


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