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Military was any organization that is dedicated to the defense of a certain nation. Most militaries were organized by an agency of a nation's government. For example, the United States Military was organized by the United States Department of Defense. Militaries were tasked with protection of their countries and every military officer, which was usually called a soldier, was trained in the art of combat, weapon use, particularly firearms, protocol and the operation of military vehicles.

There were many different types of militaries that were often deployed by such agencies in times of war, or other crises. There were military organizations that operate on land, sea, air and in outer space.

Types of militaries

Air Force

An Air Force is a military organization that operates in the air. They make use of aircraft, such as warplanes and other military aircraft, such as dive bombers.


An army was a military organization that was primarily military operations on land. Firearms, tanks, jeeps and other military vehicles were often provided for officers who served in an army. People serving in an army were also heavily trained in infantry combat.


A navy was a military organization that operates in the sea. Navies made use of battleships and submarines. Well-known naval organizations were the United States Navy and Kriegsmarine.


Marines were military teams that operate on land, sea and in the air. They were highly trained in infantry combat. The United States Marine Corps is an example of what marines are.

Space navy

Space navies, space fleets or space forces were similar to navies, except they operated in outer space. Military organizations like this were used for interplanetary or interstellar military operations, often times using space warships. The Spacemen Fleet, Sargasso War Fleet and Rom-Nex's Invasion Fleet is an example of a space navy.

Military organizations

This link shows a list of military organizations from various cultures and species throughout the realm of the universe.

Military officers and warriors

Military Bases

Military conflicts


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