The clock strikes midnight![1]

Midnight was the time of night that served as the transition from one day to the next - the moment when the date changed.[2]

To illustrate; at 11:59 PM on December 31st, 2972, the date remained the thirty-first until the very next minute, when the clock struck twelve. Then the date became January 1st, 2973.

At Gothos Mansion, Clifton Heathrow wanted to sacrifice Daphne Pennyworth to a demon named Ballk because she was born on the thirty-first of October at exactly midnight. She was however, rescued by Batman.[3]

One night in Mystery Mountain, Batman and Robin accidentally interrupted a rabbit's midnight snack.[4]

While the Super Friends were on a dark polluted planet called Solar Terrarium, it was so dark due to air pollution blocking out the sunlight from the sun at twelve-o'clock noon that Marvin White thought it was actually midnight.[5]

Circa 1980, Felix Faust used his magic at a masquerade and dance party on Halloween night. His magic caused all of the costumed dancers to transform into the monsters and characters they were dressed as. This went into effect at the strike of midnight, the beginning of the witching hour.[6]


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