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Michael Keaton Michael Keaton
Birthname: Michael John Douglas

Born: September 5, 1951

Birthplace: Robinson Township, Alleghony County, Pennsylvania

Spouse: Caroline McWilliams (1982-1990)

Occupation: Actor, comedian, director, producer

Michael Keaton is an American actor, comedian and film producer and director. He is well-known for his roles in films such as Birdman, Beetlejuice and the RoboCop remake, but to Super Fans and fans of DC Comics in general, he is most remembered for his role as Batman in the Batman movies from 1989-1992.

Although he hasn't had an acting role in the Superfriends or related shows, his face has been seen a few times on Super Friends products, such as the DC Comics Super Heroes toyline, in which his likeness is used for the Batman figure. A photograph of him in the Batsuit is also seen on the card artwork for certain foreign bootleg figures from the Super Powers Collection.[1] Tom Scioli also modeled Batman from the Super Powers comics after Michael Keaton.


  1. Click here to see an image of Michael Keaton on the card artwork of one of the bootleg Super Powers figures.

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