Metropolis State Beach

The Metropolis State Beach[1]

The Metropolis State Beach is located in the city of Metropolis, in Senre Ville[2], a neighborhood in Metropolis's Hell's Gate borough.


Super Friends


  1. As seen in Joy Ride.
  2. This is also consistent with Metropolis in the comics. The geography of Metropolis in the Super Friends universe never ceases to amaze me, when compared to the geography of Metropolis in the comics. It is VERY accurate. The Airport is located in Tealboro, which is very near Senre Ville, as it is part of the same borough, Hell's Gate. When the boys who stole the airplane fly away from the airport, they soon approach the beach. In the comics, Senre Ville is well known for its' beach. So one could logically conclude that's where they went.
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