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A police officer from the Metropolis Police Department[1]

The Metropolis Police Department of Earth-2A.[2]

The Metropolis Police Chief from the Universe of Evil[3]

The Metropolis Police Department was the police force of the city of Metropolis. Their headquarters was called Metropolis Police Headquarters, located in the city of Metropolis.


Police stations

Background History

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, the Metropolis Police Department possesses a Special Crimes Unit dedicated to defending the city against superhuman menaces in case Superman is absent. The unit is headed by Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin, with both maintaining frequent contact with the Man of Steel. Another of Superman's police contacts over the years has been Inspector William Henderson, who in the current comics is the Metropolis police commissioner.

Earth-2A History

The Metropolis Police Department also exists on Earth-2A. During the 1940s, they attempted to stop a giant Arctic Monster from destroying Metropolis.

Universe of Evil

The Metropolis Police Department exists on the earth of the Universe of Evil as well. They were dedicated to stopping the evil Super Enemies.


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