Metal Men[1]

The Metal Men[2] is a superhero team made up of android superheroes. They were all created by Doc Magnus, the owner of Magnus Labs. Each member of the team is unique with their own abilities and personalities.


The Metal Men were created by Elementical genius Dr. Will Magnus. Magnus was a student of super-villain T. O. Morrow[3] and became the world's foremost authority on the new science of Elementics, a synthesis of chemistry and robotics.

Magus developed the Responsometer, a small microcomputer capable of animating pure metals into humanoid robots capable of independent thought, initiative, and emotions.

Over the years, the Metal Men have been destroyed many times, but Magnus has always been able to salvage their Responsometers and rebuild them.



Gold is made of gold, and he has the ability to stretch his body and he is an excellent electric conductor.


Iron was made of iron, so he possessed incredible super strength and Super Durability.


Lead has super strength and Super Durability just like Iron, and since he's made of Lead, he can also shield others from harmful radiation.


Tin is made of the metal known as tin. He possesses immortality, so as long as his Responsometer stays intact. He also is an expert in chemistry.


Mercury possesses Super Durability, Shape-Shifting and Elasticity powers. He is made of the metal known as mercury.


Platinum is a female member, who is an expert in chemistry and possesses Super Durability. She has feelings for Will Magnus. Magnus shies away from her affections however. She is also sometimes called "Tina."


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  2. Note: the Metal Men were vaguely and indirectly referenced in The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure episode The Twenty-Third Dimension. All of the images of the actual members of the team are from the Super Friends comic. More specifically, Issue # 39 of the Latin America series.
  3. This was the man who built Red Tornado.
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