Metahumans such as Plastic Man have the metagene.[1]

The metagene was a rare genetic marker found within a small number of humans.

A human that had the metagene within their DNA was usually considered a metahuman, although this term was at times only used to describe someone with the gene that actually had superhuman abilities.

For example, some humans might have had the metagene, and yet they never manifested any super powers due to never being exposed to the right conditions.

For example, the Flash was a human with the metagene who didn't get his abilities until after he was struck by lightning and bathed in chemicals.[2]

There were other multiple examples similar to Flash's, such as with Plastic Man, Metamorpho, Doctor Mid-Nite and other humans with the metagene that didn't manifest any superhuman abilities until after they were exposed to some sort of "trauma."


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