Mentok tried to use Birdman to overthrow the U. S. government.


Mentok the Mind-taker

Mentok at his workstation.

Not far from the Bird Lair, a similar hidden facility served a much different purpose. It was the creation of Mentok, a megalomaniac with a powerful tool at his disposal. He fired a "contro-ray" beam that struck Avenger, Birdman's eagle sidekick, and caused him to attack his friend. The surprised Birdman followed the eagle back to Mentok's lair, where he was captured while freeing Avenger from a cage. Mentok literally kept Birdman in the dark, knowing that lack of sunlight deprived the hero of his powers. Some time later, the villain explained that his beam irresistibly transmitted his thoughts into Avenger. Mentok's plan was not to harm Birdman, but to lure him into his present weakened state and then use his technique to control his mind.

Birdman hypnotized-2

Birdman hypnotized-2

Mentok makes Birdman his obeying slave.

When the procedure was complete, Mentok ordered him to destroy Avenger. Though it was only a hologram, Birdman fired his solar beams at the image. This satisfied Mentok that Birdman was fully in his control. He ordered Birdman to arrange a meeting at the U. S. Capitol and present his list of demands. The leaders asked Birdman for time to consider Mentok's list, to which he agreed. Flying back to Mentok's lair, Birdman saw Avenger and, with Mentok's command to destroy Avengers still on his mind, flew after him. Avenger led Birdman higher into the Sun's rays, fueling his powers until he overcame Mentok's control.

Realizing that Birdman had broken his control, Mentok threatened to launch "the world's most powerful" atomic missile at a foreign power's capitol unless the duo surrendered. Birdman refused and a technician launched the rocket. Determined to avert the war that would result, Birdman intercepted the weapon and turned it to splash into the ocean. Seeing the "contro-ray" weapon being fired at them, Birdman countered it with his solar blast. The backlash destroyed Mentok's base, but he escaped in a single-place jet airplane.


  1. The episode's title is misspelled "Mentor, the Mindtaker".
  2. Mentok mentions he was known to Birdman (as "his deadly enemy"). Later, Birdman immediately recognized his voice before he saw the villain. However, no prior meeting of the two is known.
  3. Instead of using his "contro-ray", he used his "Black Shield" on Birdman.
  4. Despite being under Mentok's control, Birdman seemed very accommodating when the government requested time to study Mentok's list.
  5. While stopping the missile, Birdman commented he could not absorb any more solar power. This sets an upper limit on his powers.
  6. Mentok vowed to return, but no third meeting of the two is known.
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