Joker, the product of an unknown type of mental illness.[1]

A mental illness or mental disorder was a psychological condition in which a person may have behaved in a somewhat inappropriate manner, be harmful to themselves or others, or found themselves obsessive or addicted to something.

One could acquire a mental illness from birth, such as autism or ADHD, or from trauma, such as PTSD or Stockholm Syndrome, whether due to physical or mental trauma.

List of mental illnesses

This is a list of mental illnesses along with characters who have or had them, or whom are suspected of having them.



Drug Addiction

Dissociative identity disorder



The Joker (possibly)

Possession related mental illness

I.E. Mental instability caused by possession by a disembodied sentient or symbiote


Intellectual disability

Unknown mental illness

  • Joker (possibly schizophrenia or juvenile dementia)

Stockholm Syndrome- Harley Quinn

Autism Spectrum Disorder- The Riddler

Kleptomania- Catwoman, Penguin

Bipolar Disorder- Two-Face

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Bruce Wayne (possibly), Dick Grayson (possibly), Jason Todd (possibly), Tim Drake (possibly)

Narcissism- Batman, Joker

Sociopathy- Joker, Penguin

Psychopathy- Joker

Insanity Disorder- Riddler, Joker, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter

Eating Disorders- Penguin, Sweet Tooth


  1. As seen in The Wild Cards.

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