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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Menagerie Man
Menagerie Man (Issue 06)
Real name: Wilson Gable[1]
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Menageris Man 2

From SuperFriends comicbook issue #6

The Menagerie Man is the world's greatest animal trainer. He turned to crime using his talents.

Background Information

With white-dwarf star technology, the Menagerie Man was able to shrink in a manner similar to the Atom. In addition, he trained a number of wild animals to serve him ranging from cheetahs to elephants. These animals were shrunken with the white dwarf-star and stored in compartments in his belt. This allowed the Menagerie Man to unleash these creatures at a moments notice where he enlarged them and made it appear that he teleported the animals to the scene of his crimes from out of thin air. The SuperFriends, with fellow Justice Leaguer, the Atom, capture the Menagerie Man and presumably send him to prison.[2]

A few months later, Wilson Gable has broken out of prison, abducts Gleek and uses him to commit crimes.[3]

Menagerie Man 2 (Issue 06)

SuperFriends, Vol. 2 #6 (August 1, 1977)

The Menagerie Man (Issue 19)

As seen in SuperFriends, Vol. 4 #19 (April 1, 1979).


  • Animal Training
    • Falconry / Hawking: The Menagerie Man is an expert at falconry or hawking (a sport which involves the use of trained birds of to prey hunt or pursue game for humans).



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