Rick Flag junior

Rick Flag, Jr. is the son of Rick Flag, Sr., who was the Suicide Squad's mission leader around the time of the Army-McCarthy hearings.[1]

The Army-McCarthy hearings were a series of hearings held from April to June 1954. The hearings were held for the purpose of investigating conflicting accusations between the United States Army and Senator Joseph McCarthy.

During the time of these hearings, a large amount of superheroes went into retirement. Because of this, President Truman decided that the United States Government would have to find a way to combat the villains and spies that no longer had superhero counterparts, but were still continuing to plague the American nation. With that, the Suicide Squad is brought into existence, with Rick Flag, Sr. as the team's mission leader.[2]


  • The McCarthy hearings happened in the real world as well as the Super Friends universe.


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