Filmation Character
Mary Marvel
Mary Marvel (Shazam 35)
Real name: Mary Batson
AKA: The World's Mightiest Girl!
Mary Bromfield (adopted name)
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-S
Relatives: Billy Batson (brother)
Uncle Dudley
Base: Fawcett City
Marvel Estate
Affiliations: Marvel Family
Voiced/Played: Dawn Jeffory[1]
Vera Miranda[2]

Marvel Family Member

Mary (Wow Comics 25)

Mary Batson as she appeared in Wow Comics, #25 (May, 1944)

Mary (Marvel 11)

Mary as he appeared in Shazam! #11 (March, 1974).

Mary Batson is Billy Batson's sister. When she says the name of the ancient wizard Shazam, she is transformed into Mary Marvel, a superheroine with all the abilities of Captain Marvel.

Background Information

In the parallel universe of Earth-S, about year after young Billy started fighting evil, he meets his sister, Mary Bromfield.

Apparently, Mary and her brother were nursed by a woman named Sarah Primm. When the Batsons' parents die in a car accident, Primm was required to send both children to an orphanage. However, Primm is determined to at least give one of the children a home, and arranges for Mary to secretly take the place of another baby girl who had suddenly died while under Primm's care. As a result, Billy is sent to an orphanage while his sister is raised by the wealthy Mrs. Bromfield.

Mary (Wow Comics 24)

Mary Marvel as she appeared in Wow Comics, #24 (April, 1944)

The two are able to meet all these years later, after Billy appeared on the radio as an on-air reporter for WHIZ Radio. Sarah Primm, now on her death bed, sent him a letter, requesting his presence. Billy goes to see her. Primm tells him the secret of his long-lost sister. To help him find Mary, Primm gives Billy a locket broken in half and tells the boy with her last breaths that Mary wears the other half. Billy tells his best friend Freddy Freeman (aka Captain Marvel Junior) about his sister and the locket. Together, in their superpowered forms they find her and introduce themselves telling her there secret identity.

While catching up, Billy and Freddie are captured from behind and gagged by a gang of thugs. Mary, knowing their secret word, says it out loud lamenting that the boys cannot say it. She is immediately transformed into 'Mary Marvel'. She saves the day and the three go to meet the wizard Shazam. The wizard knew all along about Mary. He explains to her the source of her powers and commissions her to go with her brother and Freddy to fight evil.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Mary SOurce (Cap Marvel Adv 18).png

As a young teenager, Mary Batson possesses the strength level of a girl her age.

However, by speaking the name of the ancient wizard, "Shazam;" an enchanted lightning bolt comes down from out of the sky, striking her, transforming him into Mary Marvel. When he wishes to return to his mortal form, she repeats the name "Shazam", and the same lightning bolt strikes her transforming him back Mary Batson.

The various 'Shazam' powers Mary Marvel has is not derived from seven elder beings, but from another set of beings.

Divine Empowerment From a Set of Female Benefactors:

 S elena -     Divine Grace:     Divine Grace gifted by the goddess.    
 H ippolyta -     Great Strength:     Strength gifted by the goddess.[4]    
 A riadne -     Tactical Analysis:     Skill gifted by the goddess.    
 Z ephyrus -     Great Speed:     Fleetness gifted by the goddess.[5]    
 A urora -     Beauty:     Beauty gifted by the goddess.[6]    
 M Minerva -     Great Wisdom:     Wisdom gifted by the goddess.    


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  • Mary first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (December, 1942).
  • She was created by Otto Binder and Marc Swayze.
  • Writer and Creator Otto Binder named Mary after his own preteen daughter Mary.
  • Shazam! #1 (1973) was Mary Marvel's first appearance in a comic published by DC Comics.
  • A company was started by Whiz Comics called Mary Marvel Enterprises which sold products specifically for girls such as dresses and outfits.[7] It was located at 215 West 40th Street, New York, N.Y..
  • By the 1950s, it was decided to give Mary a slightly more mature.

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  2. Vera Miranda provided the voice of Mary Batson in the Portuguese dub of The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!.
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