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Marvin White
Marvin (The Power Pirate.).png
Real name: Marvin White
AKA: Super Marv
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Relatives: Daniel White (father)
Diana Prince White (mother)
Occupation: Junior superhero
Base: Hall of Justice
White's residence
Ivy University
Affiliations: Junior SuperFriend
Super Marv and Wonder Dog
Abilities: Amateur Detective
Voiced/Played: Frank Welker
Marvin White Gallery

Junior SuperFriends Team Member

Marvin on holiday from Ivy University.
Image from SuperFriends, #26 (November 1, 1979)

Marvin White, aka "Super Marv" was a Junior SuperFriend. His pet and sidekick was Wonder Dog, his best friend and fellow-adventurer was Wendy Harris.

Although somewhat bumbling at times,[1] Marvin's cleverness and resourcefulness made him invaluable to the other SuperFriends.[2]

He was always dressed with a cape and a big letter "M" on his chest.

Continuity from SuperFriends Comic Book

Marvin was the son of Diana Prince White (the nurse whose name Wonder Woman took when she came to Man's World) and Daniel White.[3]

In 1977, after serving as as a Junior SuperFriends Member, Marvin went on to Ivy University, where fellow superhero Ray Palmer worked as a professor.[4]

A few years later, he returned with Wendy to aid the new Junior SuperFriends, the Wonder Twins, posing as Zan and Jayna's human disguises, "John" and "Joanna", to fool a criminal who had deduced the Wonder Twins' and Batman's secret identities.[5]

Later Years

A slightly older Marvin

In his later years, Marvin's superhero days are apparently far behind him. As he now began to put on some pounds, and he grew a goatee and joined a band with Wendy, and signed on to a major record label. He doesn't envy the Wonder Twins of their fame in the Justice League of America, and he considers his departure from the Superfriends as a blessing, because now he can focus on his musical career with his band.


Marvin 2.png

Marvin's other belongings

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

  • Levitation: Marvin demonstrated the ability to hover in the air for a few seconds.[6] Where and how he had acquired this ability hasn't been revealed, but the ability was obviously not that helpful in most situations, since Marvin's School basketball team did not gain an advantage from what seemed to be his greatest power.
  • Super-Leaping: He could also leap great distances. How he had achieved this was also never revealed.


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