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Marvel Comics (and it's parent company Marvel Entertainment) is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company[1] that has consistently been the biggest rival for DC Comics for many, many years. They are responsible for the creation of the characters known as Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, X-Men and the Avengers. They are among their most popular characters.

Marvel UK was an imprint of Marvel Comics that published reprints of certain DC Comics stories, such as volume one of the Super Powers comics, which was printed in Super Powers Annual.

Marvel Toys was a popular manufacturer of a variety of toys based on Marvel characters.

Marvel characters were released alongside DC characters in Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes! line.

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  1. Disney purchased the company in 2009. Disney has always been a big rival for Warner Bros. as well. And since WB and Disney each own DC and Marvel, this establishes their rivalry all the more so.
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