J'onn J'onzz

J'onn J'onzz, a martian

The term "Martian" described any native or anything from the planet Mars. The term could also refer to the indigenous species and or to anyone who has settled on Mars.



When it was falsely believed an Alien Invasion was occurring at the City Line Traffic Circle in Gotham City, Robin believed that Earth was being invaded by Martians.[1]

Alternate Earth (Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice)

On this Earth, Superman was racist. In a conversation with his fellow SuperFriends, he stated that he has nothing against Martian Manhunter, since he viewed Green Martians like the white people of Mars.

When Wonder Woman asked him what he thought of the White Martians, he told her they were like the Asians.[2]

Martian species

Green Martian

Green Martians were shapeshifters from the planet Mars. This particular race of Martians had skin that was green in color, hence their name.

Known Green Martians

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White Martian

White Martians are an alien species indigenous to the planet Mars. They are well-known for their white skin. Before Mars became barren, the White Martians inhabited Mars along with the other Martian race: the Green Martians.

Known White Martians

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Brain Creatures

The Brain creatures area martian species from the planet Mars, that look like human brains.

Species related to Martians

Common languages

Powers and Abilities

Green and White Martians possess the following abilities:



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