Colonel Wilcox shows the Super Friends a diagram of the Mars space station.[1]

The outside of the Mars space station[2]

The unnamed Mars space station, which was eventually given the name Mars Base One, was a NASA base located on Mars. The Mars space lab was located here, which could house five astronauts. The space station was completed in late 1976. Presumably it was named at least by then.

Doctor Rebos attempted to sabotage the NASA's efforts to supply the Mars space station, in an attempt to halt space exploration, so that the United States Government will start to spend more money on the problems the human race faces on Earth, rather than throwing the money away on space travel, just so that humanity can bring more problems out into space.[3]

In 1978, Batman and Robin came to Mars in the Bat-Rocket, and Batman is possessed by a brain creature. He is then forced to lead the Super Friends still on Earth into a trap, by radioing them, telling them he and Robin were in terrible danger at Mars Base One.[4]



Super Friends


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