The Planet Mars

The planet Mars (known in Martian as Ma'aleca'andra) is the fourth planet in the solar system.

It was once the home to the humanoid Martian People until the surface of Mars was virtually destroyed by General Blanx during a civil war. This forced all the good Martians to leave and colonize an uninhabited planet called Vonn,[1] which they rename Mars II (or New Mars). This new home, is the fourth planet from the red sun of the Star-System Cygnus.[2] The famed Martian Manhunter, who had been living on earth as a member of the Justice League of America, decides to accompany the survivors into deep space and settled with them on Mars II.[3]

The brain creatures survived the civil war, and still live on Mars.

Unless it was eventually terraformed when it was colonized, the atmosphere of Mars was not capable of supporting human life, therefore when a human went to Mars, they had to wear a space suit.[4]

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In the 20th century, preparation was made for the human colonization on Mars, by the 1970s, a NASA base, called the Mars space station was established on the planet's surface.[6] And by the '80s other aliens from other planets established the Galactic Prison of Mars, which was home to some of the most dangerous criminals in the universe.[7] However, actual human colonization did not occur on Mars until sometime in the 21st century, where Nix Olympia was established.[8]

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