You may be looking for Manhunters, a creation of the Guardians of the Universe.
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Real name: Paul Kirk
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Base: Empire City
Affiliations: Council
Weaponry: Gun
Ninja stars
Voiced/Played: N/A

The Manhunter is a superhero who has died, but has been cloned a number of times over the years. He was first active in the 1940s, when he first took on the role of a superhero.


Paul Kirk took on the superhero identity of Manhunter in the 1940s. While on a safari, he was killed by an elephant. But his body was placed in suspended animation by cryogenic freeze. He was later cloned by a criminal organization known as the Council. He was programmed to be one of their foot soldiers. As a clone, he was genetically enhanced and had a healing factor. He rebelled against his programming however and turned against the Council and teamed up with Batman to take them down. He was killed in the process. There was at least two other surviving clones however, one that infiltrated the Secret Society of Super Villains and another named Kirk DePaul.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



The Paul Kirk version of the Manhunter made his first appearance in Adventure Comics # 73 (April 1942)[2]


Manhunter didn't appear in the Super Friends series, but he was considered for the toyline, but his action figure was never produced, because the line was canceled after the third wave.


  1. The history of this character is conjecture based upon DC Comics.
  2. For more information about this DC comic book, click here.
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