Oans, descendants of the natives of Maltus.[1]

Maltus was a planet located somewhere in outer space. It was the homeworld of the Maltusian race.


About ten billion years before the 20th century, Maltus was the center of a great civilization of humanoids.

Many of the Maltusians left their homeworld behind, colonizing other worlds, where offshoots of their race evolved. These offshoots included the Oans, who colonized the planet Oa, that were already known as the Guardians of the Universe and forming the Green Lantern Corps, and the Leprechauns, who colonized Earth, and finally the Controllers, who colonized a binary star system.

Although many of the Maltusian race left their world behind, their technology still existed on the planet, and over the years, a race of lizards evolved on Maltus that were subjects of the Maltusian's genetic experiments. They gained sentience over time and became known as the Psions, and used the technology left behind by their creators. The Psions eventually leave Maltus, and colonize another planet.

The few Maltusians that remained behind began to continue to multiply in numbers on Maltus until the planet became overpopulated and incredibly crowded. Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 and the Guardians of the Universe helped them with the problem. Nevertheless, by the twentieth century the planet was still one of the most populated worlds in the cosmos.[2]

Indigenous species


  • Maltus first appeared in Green Lantern # 81 (December 1970).[3]


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